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Discussion about general topics.
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By Ganorn Oct 13, 17
This forum is meant to be used only by those members of the Thunderhoof Clan Guild.
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By Aovi Moonwatcher Aug 3, 17
Here is the place to discuss all there is about PvP, Arenas and WPvP
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By Aovi Moonwatcher Jul 25, 16
This is the place to look for information regarding dungeon and raid activities. Councilor Chitsa will act as the moderator for this page.
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By Ganorn Feb 10, 17
Welcome to the new home of the Dread Horde Forums.
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By Parttedhump a Dec 5, 16
A place for class and profession related guides, tips, and discussions
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By Mohe Jul 10, 17
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Official news and announcements.
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By Ganorn Jan 23, 16
Herein lie the minutes from the Thunderhoof Clan Weekly guild meetings. We will try to keep them up to date. Feel free to add topics that were omitted.
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By Aovi Moonwatcher May 8, 16
Shu'Halo Life
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Each initiate is given a path to follow, to help them learn what it means to be a Shu'Halo and a member of the Thunderhoof Clan. Once they have walked their path, they will become a clansman. Here we will conical the paths of each initiate.
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By Parttedhump a Dec 5, 16
Guides, Ideas and Topics for discussion on the many and varied ways to Role Play a Tauren.
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By Parttedhump a Sep 10, 17
The Backgrounds of the Tauren of the Thunderhoof Clan
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By Djata May 10, 16
Stories, poems, songs told by Tauren or great events concerning the tauren
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By Aovi Moonwatcher Sep 19, 17
Discussions on RP mechanics or Tauren culture/lore
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By Parttedhump a Mar 25, 16
The Thunderhoof Clan was created shortly after WoW went live. Over the years we have amassed quite a history. Here you will find some of our epic stories
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By Umathyor a Dec 18, 15
Here in, lies the lore and history of the Shu'Halo. Recall that most of Tauren lore has been handed down by word of mouth. Much of our history has been lost to time. But scholars are always finding bits and fragments scattered throughout Kalimdor and in the writings of other races.
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By Umathyor a Apr 16, 17
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