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The Thunderhoof Clan is proud to announce the creation of the Thunderhoof Clan guild on Wyrmrest Accord. The Thunderhoof Clan has a long and famous history on the Venture Co. (10 years August 2nd) and we are definately not leaving the Venture Co server.  This "satellite" guild will allow us to tap into the creative RP players that can be found on WrA.  And it will allow players from that server to be a part of the largest and oldest "Tauren Exclusive" guild in WoW.  The leadership of the guilds will not change.  We are excited to see all the possibilities that this guild expansion will allow.

Okefenokee Claycalf is the one online there most often. It hasn't really taken off. But I'm hoping it will.
Tiamu Good Evening and Welcome, to this belated response. I come by to see how my former family is doing and find you have now...

Forces of the Thunderhoof Clan along with trusted friends, made a final push to slay Gul'dan.  With the Earthmother smiling on them, they made short work of Tichondrius and Elisande.  They arrived in Gul'dan's lair foaming at the mouth with blood red eyes.  Even with the help of the Legion, Gul'dan was no match for the Herd.  After a brutal battle, he fell to the stampeding hooves of the Thunderhoof Clan

Dance of the Earthmother

Umathyor a posted Mar 20, 17

The Tribes of the Feather Derecho Summit held their Dance of the Earthmother celebration Sunday nite.  Well over 75 Tauren and others with guilds too numerous to mention attended the 4 hour event.  The Thunderhoof Clan's "Ascension of An'She" rites were part of the openning ceremony.  There were races, single combats, story circles, and other contests as well.  In all, a very good time was had.

The Thunderhoof Clan led the charge into the Nighthold and scored two more victories for the Dread Horde.  The first fiend to go SuperNova was the Stargazer.  The raid hit him like a comet and sent him rocketing off into the Cosmos.  Afterwards we turned our scythe on the Botanist, who was promptly Reaped, Bound and Shocked.  Many thanks to our friends and allies in Rutilus Luna, The Dark Clan of Fenris and the Blacktooth Grin for their assistance.

Bar Nite Thunderhoof Style

Umathyor a posted Feb 27, 17

The members of the Thunderhoof Clan took some much needed time off and went for a drink at the Filthy Animal in Dalaran.  The Blacktooth Grin, the Dark Clan of Fenris and the Pinehoof Tribe all dropped in for a pint as well.  The "Unknown Tauren Comic" also made an appearance.

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