nice to hear from you!
Long time no see my friends. How is Shu'Halo treating you?
Honor Beads has a new chapter!
Sylvanas, burning a tree because you're mad a nobody nightelf is not how you Make The Horde Great Again.
Chapter 4 of honor beads is up.
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The Thunderhoof Clan is proud to announce the creation of the Thunderhoof Clan guild on Wyrmrest Accord. The Thunderhoof Clan has a long and famous history on the Venture Co. (10 years August 2nd) and we are definately not leaving the Venture Co server.  This "satellite" guild will allow us to tap into the creative RP players that can be found on WrA.  And it will allow players from that server to be a part of the largest and oldest "Tauren Exclusive" guild in WoW.  The leadership of the guilds will not change.  We are excited to see all the possibilities that this guild expansion will allow.

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