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And a happy new year!
Happy Winterveil!
nice to hear from you!
Long time no see my friends. How is Shu'Halo treating you?
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Forces of the Thunderhoof Clan along with friends from the Skychaser Clan and the Dark Clan of Fenris, managed to confront the demon Krosus and cast him back to the watery depths from which he came.  

It was Payback Time.  After forces of the Dread Horde defended Thunder Bluff from an attack by the dwarves, it was decided that we needed to go to Ironforge and show them how it was done.  Forces from the Skychaser Clan, Rutilus Luna, Blacktooth Grin, Dark Clan of Fenris, Redwood Tribe and The Thunderhoof Clan joined together to teach them a few lessons in what a Stampede really is!  

Aovi Moonwatcher I hope you stole some oatmeal stout while you were there.

Forces of the Dread Horde returned to Nighthold to pay a visit to Spellblade Aluriel.  She did everything she could to try and prevent us from reaching her.  But in the end, The Horns and Hooves of the Clan overcame.  Besides the Thunderhoof Clan, members of the Blacktooth Grin, the Dark Clan of Fenris, and the Skychaser Clan were in attendance.

The Thunderhoof Clan and many others from multiple servers, gathered to celebrate the Feast of Torches Rites in Bloodhoof Village.  The Feast of Torches is the first of four "Earthen" Rites dedicated to the Earthmother.

Syrg Nice, got my ogres fighting in the water lol

The Thunderhoof Clan along with the Chaoseater of Blacktooth Grin and Stormsky of the Skychaser Clan entered the Nighthold for the first time and managed to clear a trail all the way to Trilliax.  100% Tauren raid.  

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